5 Reasons why you should send your children to study abroad

Studying abroad is a life changing experience that a lot of students are experiencing lately and it is something that will soon become necessary for every one of them.

It can be such an enriching experience and we are going to give you five reasons why you should send your children to study abroad.

1. It is good for their curriculum:

Instead of having your children spend their summer with their friends or working, you can give them the opportunity to study abroad in a fun and different environment. This experience will help them improve their curriculum as they will be able to speak more than one language, become more responsible in their academic projects, and they will be more prone to work towards concreate goals.

2. Learn to be independent and develop problem-solving skills:

Being alone in another country could be somewhat frightening for both, your children and yourself; however, this experience will help them become more independent as they will have no choice but to get things done by themselves. For example, leaving for school on time and not miss the train, cooking for themselves, cleaning up, doing laundry, etc.

At first, this might sound little convincing but have no doubt that this experience will help your children become more mature.

3. Learn new languages:

Studying abroad gives your children the opportunity to learn a new language just by diving right into the new culture from their first day abroad. Staying with a host family is a fun and easy way to practice a new language. Host Families welcome students from around the world and treat them just as another family member which could allow your children to practice the language in daily basis. Also, most schools have Intensive Language Courses, which help students boost their language level.

4. Make lifelong friendships:

While abroad, your children will feel the need to connect and interact with other people who will most likely become their friends. This is not only important for their interpersonal skills but it also represents an opportunity to meet people with different ideas with whom they can develop work projects in the future.

5. Take in a new culture:

Interacting with different cultures and getting to know new places will certainly be enriching and will help your children have a broader view of the world as they will be exposed to different ways of living, thinking, acting, doing business, working, studying, and so many other differences. This in turn, will help them evaluate and decide what the best of what they have seen and learned is better for them.

Do not wait any longer! Send your children to study abroad and give him the opportunity to know the world.

Montréal en Lumière

Founded by Alain Simard, Montréal en Lumière is a unique festival which makes Montréal the ultimate gourmet destination. At the very beginning, the ideas that inspired the founder were to energize Montreal during winter months and bring some warmth through festivities, lights, and magic. This year it will be held from February 21st to March 3rd.

This festival is so important for the ones who like to enjoy culinary experiences. Since the very 1st edition, some 575 renowned chefs, wine producers and speakers have taken part of it. It doesn’t matter how much your budget is, there are countless culinary activities for every budget and taste.

Also this festival offers a multitude of free outdoor activities for all, like an incredible program circuit of interactive and luminous works by Illuminart, a wild 110-meter descent in the Milk Urban Slide, free shows, food kiosks and more.

And don’t forget the most awaited night of the year: the Nuit blanche, which assembles 300,000 nighthawks to fully experience a wild urban adventure in more than 150 places throughout the city with 200 cultural activities. What are you waiting for? For more information about events and locations place visit its oficial website here.

The most romantic places in Montreal for a perfect date

Are you ready for Valentine’s day? Don’t you worry if you’re not ready yet. Montreal has so many unique date options for this Valentine’s and we help you to find out which are the most romantic perfect places of this wonderful city to plan an original date.

Remember Montreal brings amazing experiences to its visitors and habitants so be original and plan a fun and unforgettable date for you and your lover.

If you want to find a funny place in Montreal where you can drink or eat something while you enjoy a funny show you should try Comedyworks. This is the best comedy club of Montreal and it’s located in the heart of downtown. Some of the most known comedian have performed in this club over the years, for example, Sugar Sammy, Ray Romano, Bobby Slayton, etc. For more information check its website here or look for the in Facebook as Comedyworksmtl.

If you like dancing but you don’t dance very well, sign up for a beginner’s course with your better half, both of you will learn all about each other’s bodies and how you can move together in the dance floor. We recommend these four places for dance courses. You can try latin rhythms or any gender of your preference such as salsa, tango, etc.

For more information click on them.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for outdoor experiences you should try dog sledding or a carriage ride. Both are amazing ways to enjoy Montreal’s landscapes.

Dog sledding is a unique experience to enjoy beautiful snowy landscapes during your ride. You can try this in Mont-Tremblant, which is around 1 hour away in a car from Montreal. For more information check its website here.

A carriage ride is perfect to know Old Montreal on a romantic date. In addition, riding through the city in a carriage with your lover like old times is the synonym of a perfect date. For more information check trip advisor recommendations here.

Finally, if all you want is to relax with your partner, go to a spa. A day at the spa is the perfect way to connect with your partner and know each other a little bit more. Furthermore, both of you can relax together and relieve work stress or anxiety. We recommend you 4 relaxing and Incredibles spas you can go to:

For more information click on them.

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Remember these places are magic but you are responsible for planning and carrying out this romantic experience for your lover. Tell us how was your date!! Send us an email to fernanda@mshomestays.com