The most romantic places in Montreal for a perfect date

Are you ready for Valentine’s day? Don’t you worry if you’re not ready yet. Montreal has so many unique date options for this Valentine’s and we help you to find out which are the most romantic perfect places of this wonderful city to plan an original date.

Remember Montreal brings amazing experiences to its visitors and habitants so be original and plan a fun and unforgettable date for you and your lover.

If you want to find a funny place in Montreal where you can drink or eat something while you enjoy a funny show you should try Comedyworks. This is the best comedy club of Montreal and it’s located in the heart of downtown. Some of the most known comedian have performed in this club over the years, for example, Sugar Sammy, Ray Romano, Bobby Slayton, etc. For more information check its website here or look for the in Facebook as Comedyworksmtl.

If you like dancing but you don’t dance very well, sign up for a beginner’s course with your better half, both of you will learn all about each other’s bodies and how you can move together in the dance floor. We recommend these four places for dance courses. You can try latin rhythms or any gender of your preference such as salsa, tango, etc.

For more information click on them.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for outdoor experiences you should try dog sledding or a carriage ride. Both are amazing ways to enjoy Montreal’s landscapes.

Dog sledding is a unique experience to enjoy beautiful snowy landscapes during your ride. You can try this in Mont-Tremblant, which is around 1 hour away in a car from Montreal. For more information check its website here.

A carriage ride is perfect to know Old Montreal on a romantic date. In addition, riding through the city in a carriage with your lover like old times is the synonym of a perfect date. For more information check trip advisor recommendations here.

Finally, if all you want is to relax with your partner, go to a spa. A day at the spa is the perfect way to connect with your partner and know each other a little bit more. Furthermore, both of you can relax together and relieve work stress or anxiety. We recommend you 4 relaxing and Incredibles spas you can go to:

For more information click on them.

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Remember these places are magic but you are responsible for planning and carrying out this romantic experience for your lover. Tell us how was your date!! Send us an email to [email protected]

Me, myself and Montreal

Traveling solo is a uniquely amazing experience to know yourself, learn other languages and meet people. If you want to live a cultural diversity and self-discovery, Montreal is the perfect place for you. Furthermore, it’s perfect for all any type of traveler. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to study abroad or just sightseeing, Montreal has everything you need to visit, experiment, and live.

In this article, we recommend you 6 places to get out there and roam in Montreal.

First of all, it’s the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, where you can find paintings, sculptures, graphic arts, photographs and decorative arts objects displayed in four pavilions: the Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion (international art), the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion (world cultures), the Liliane and David M. Stewart Pavilion (decorative arts and design) and the Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion (Quebec and Canadian art). Also, it has plenty of cultural activities, and it has around 1,323, 837 visitors in the year. For more information check its website here.

Also, we recommend you the Montreal Olympic Park. This is an international symbol of Montreal. It was inaugurated in 1976 and since then more than 67 million visitors have come. There are plenty of attractions at the Olympic Park, you can’t miss the Montreal Tower, this is the tallest inclined tower in the world! Its 45-degree angle is awe-inspiring, especially when you consider that the Leaning Tower of Pisa’s tilt is only 5 degrees. Also, if you like practicing sports, the Sports Centre is perfect for you, it provides a top-of-the-line training Environment for high-level athletes. For more information visit its website here.

If you like going shopping, Saint-Paul Street is perfect for you. St. Paul is the oldest Street in one of North America’s oldest cities and it runs through the heart of Old Montreal. There are many stores, restaurants, and galleries in some great old buildings.

Another interesting place where you can go shopping is the Montreal Underground City. It is like a big mall underground. For more information about it check its website here.

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If you like tasting fresh food and experiment new tastes you should visit the Jean-Talon Market. It’s one of the oldest public markets in Montreal and it’s situated in the heart of Little Italy.

The Jean-Talon market was inaugurated in May 1933. It was first called the Marché du Nord; then, in 1983, its name was changed in honor of Jean Talon, the first intendant of New France.

It doesn’t matter if you are a locavore or on the Hunt for gastronomic treasure, you will find high quality and fresh products, like fruits and vegetables of local growers. In addition, you can eat there and enjoy delicious local dishes. For more information visit its website here.

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After visiting the Jean Talon market im considering making it a tradition to explore the biggest farmers market of the city we’re visiting. ⁣ ⁣ The market had a glorious mixture of fresh vegetables, fruits, some small stores with baked goods, maple syrup (of course!), spices amongst other things. Also it gave us an opportunity to see the locals interacting with each other and the people watching was fun too! ⁣ ⁣ We got the opportunity to sample some fresh fruit and enjoyed it so much that we purchased some fruit and munched on them as snacks during our trip. A must visit stop I would recommend! ⁣ ⁣ #farmersmarket #jeantalonmarket #montreal #canada #babatication18 #fruitsandveggies #peoplewatching #fujifilm #fujifilmxt2 #fujixt2 #travelgram #latergram #streetphotography #walkandshoot

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Finally, you can’t miss the amazing landscapes that the Lachine Canal offers you. It’s ranked among the most beautiful urban circuits in the world and it’s one of the oldest in the Montreal área.

We recommend you to rent a bike and ride away through it. You can do it in approximately one hour. This a relax and self-discovery experience.

We hope you enjoy these places for solo travelers and don’t forget to share your experiences with us!!!

What is a meaningful gift?: 5 gift ideas for your host family

If you’re about to go to study abroad and you are planning to live with a host family, we recommend you to bring a gift. Not only for politeness but also because this is a way your family can know you better.

We know that shopping a gift is difficult, especially for someone you don’t know. Luckily for you, we share with you 10 inexpensive and meaningful gift ideas for your host family.

1. Food. Everyone loves food. However, remember to go regional! Is there a local jam maker in your área? or anything non-perishable typical from your country or city of origin that can be easily transported?

2. Recipe cards. Do you like cooking? or do you know some famous recipes from your country of origin? Great!! Write them down on cute recipe cards, you can use these easy and cool templates from canvas. There’s no doubt this gift would be especially meaningful as the family can appreciate the time taken to translate everything into your host family’s native language.

3. Art. Are you artsy? So be creative! You could paint or draw something special for your Host Family, like their city, their portrait or even their pet.

4. Winter accessories. If you’re going to a cold place, a winter accessory is always necessary. Nevertheless we recommend you to personalize it, maybe you can buy a scarf or a pair of gloves of your favorite sports team.

5. Candies. Buy some of your favorite candies at home, put them in a cute basket and personalize it for your host family. Check some ideas on Pinterest.

When you’re looking for your gifts remember to keep portability in mind, go regional, and share something with a story!