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Homestay Plans

All homestay rooms are fully furnished and the services include: wireless internet, access to laundry facilities, telephone, and a house key.

We have different meal plans for you to choose the one that fits more your daily habits. Your homestay family will cook and provide a combination of the meals that you choose from the following options:

Full Board

A 3-meal plan that completes all your daily meals.
Ideal if you have busy weeks and don’t have much time to cook.
– Breakfast
– Grab and go lunch
– Dinner

Half Board

A 2-meal plan that fits you better if you don’t always feel like having a quick lunch and prefer to enjoy a restaurant-type meal at noon.


This is a great option
for people who would
like to
have breakfast
at home
but prefer to enjoy
restaurant eating
the rest of the day.

Room Only*

A fully furnished bedroom
in a family home, the option to
choose if you enjoy cooking and
want to decide your own
menu for the week.

* Please take note that if you choose one of these options it might be a little harder to interact with the family since in a regular weekday the dinner is the most common time to spend together.

Shared  Apartments 

Our fully furnished apartments are located in residential areas of the city and close to all amenities such as grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, restaurant, etc. All apartments include the following services: electricity, wireless internet, and heating.

Other Services

Airport Pickup and Drop Off

If your arrival and departure times meet your host family’s schedule they can pick you up from the airport at your arrival and drop you off once you are ready to say goodbye to the city.

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