Live with a host family in Montreal, Canada.

When you ask someone what a homestay is, most of the times they answer is staying in a family’s home. However, a homestay experience is a unique accommodation because what makes a homestay different to other types of accommodation are the hosts, they will be there during your stay, to welcome you and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Staying in a homestay you not only get to visit a destination, you get to really live it too! You will learn how the locals live, new traditions and costumes, besides, it is the cheapest options for housing. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a short break for one week, if you’re going to study abroad or relocating to another country, a homestay is ideal to get familiar with a new culture.

Living with a host family allows you to experience a multicultural environment, meet new people from all around the world, practice your language skills, it gives you easy access to public transportation and a secure zone in the city you’re going to live, and the most important is that you will be like a new member of the family, you won’t be alone in a strange and new culture.

As a housing agency, we offer homestay experiences in Montreal, Canada, one of the best cities of the world to live. We want to assure you live an unforgettable experience, for this reason, we select carefully our hosts through a selective process.

  1. First of all, we have a golden rule: “If we wouldn’t like to live in that home, we do not recruit that family”.
  2. Then, potential families fill in a questionnaire to know the type of family they are. We ask information about how many people live in the house, birth date of each one, hobbies, jobs, what kind of the students they prefer, since when they started to be host, etc.
  3. Once we have their information, we filter families that live 50 minutes far away by bus or metro from the main schools. The families that live that far way are not selected.
  4. We interview the selected families to verify the information they gave us and we asked for a criminal record given by the Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal.
  5. We verify the spaces where students will be living, if they’re in good conditions and if they’re equipped for them.
  6. Finally, we score our potential host families according to this process to decide if it can be a host family or not from MS Homestays.

MS Homestays offers two options according to the necessities of the students: half board and full board. The half board includes 2 meals: breakfast and dinner, and full board includes 3 meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To start your registration you have to pay a 30 CAD fee.

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Apartments for rent in Montreal, Canada

We know living or studying in a different country can be complicated because you have to adapt to new traditions, a new culture in an unknown city and country, however, we can assure you this will be the best experience of your life. 

We are an agency located in Montreal and our commitment is to find the right home away from your home for your stay in Canada. Our mission is to help international students have a memorable and enriching experience by offering personalized accommodation options according to their preferences. We offer different types of accommodation for individual students or groups of students coming to study at language schools, universities, high schools, coming to do internships, summer camps or any other educational program. The accommodation you choose will depend on what you’re looking for, how long you’re going to stay and what your preferences are.

For short and long term stays we recommend you the shared apartment option because you will be able to share your home with students from different parts of the world, which means you can learn or practice a new language, new traditions and even learn to cook typical dishes from your roommates’ country of origin.

Our apartments are located close to Downtown Montreal and to the main universities such as HEC Montreal, Université de Montréal, UQAM, McGill, and Concordia University and they are fully furnished.

A shared apartment is always a better option than a student residence for many reasons; for example, you will have a fully equipped kitchen with dishes, pots and pans you may use for cooking; furthermore, you will share it just with maximum 3 roommates, which means that you can keep anything you want in the fridge without worrying about having your food stolen by other people. Below we show you a comparison between a Student Residence vs MS Homestays Shared Apartment.

Student Residences VS MS Homestays

Kitchen issues

– Does not provide with dishes, pots, and pans.

– One kitchen shared by floor (10 +/- students); shared fridge = food gets stolen; shared stove = cannot cook if the kitchen is in use.


– Hotel room like.

– Private rooms are very expensive ($1300 +/-).

– Shared rooms are more affordable; however, the area of the room is typically divided by plywood, which means you can hear everything and see the light from the other side.

– No linen provided (you must buy it).

All our apartments include:



-Hot water.

-Wifi internet.

-Fully furnished (Linen and kitchenware included).

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What makes us different from other housing companies?

– We completely understand that having to rent an apartment that you cannot see in person can be a difficult decision. Sometimes looking at photos of the place might not be enough. We want to put you at ease, showing you each and every corner of the place before you make your final decision and for this reason, we can show you our apartments via video call.

– Once you have booked your room, we will share with you the profile of your future roommates.

How can you book your room?

The process is really simple:

-Fill out this online questionnaire, in order to know a bit more about you.

-Receive your invoice and make your first payment.

-Receive your booking confirmation and your roommates’ profiles.

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