A real immersion
Have a real immersion in the Canadian Culture, practice and improve your language
Stay with one of our homestay families
A Canadian family will welcome you in their home, offering you a comfortable room and meals.

Find Homestay in Montreal.


MS Homestays is a Montreal based agency that helps you find a place to live that meets all your needs. Live with a homestay family to practice your language skills and learn from a new culture, or stay in a shared apartment where you can have more independence.



All our rooms are fully furnished and the services include:

high speed wireless internet, access to laundry facilities, and telephone.

We have different plans for you to choose the one that fits more your daily habits :

Homestays plans, Shared apartments …



Do you want to have a pleasant stay, a great life experience, pay the right price, and have a true personalized service?

Have a question or need a custom price quote ?

Contact us now and be part of the MSHomestays Canadian experience!


What our students are saying

  • "I stayed with a Homestay Family in Montreal in 2013  and it was a really good experience. The family helped me to answer all my questions and took care of me, talked to me and always asked if i needed anything. It also helped me to overcome the "homesick feeling" and feel at home. My learning/growing experience would have not been the same if I would have stayed by myself or with another family. I absolutely recommend MS Homestays!  

    Juan Lucero
    Juan LuceroStudent
  • "I lived in a Homestay in Montreal during the winter 2014. My host family was very kind and treated me like one of their family members. They listened to my stories and had conversations with me to  help me improve my English. Living in a homestay helped me to learn and understand  the  Canadian culture.
    I'm really happy with the service MS Homestays provided. I would definitely use MS Homestays  services again."
    Maiko Shikama
    Maiko ShikamaStudent
  • "Living in a homestay in Montreal was a great experience and my family was great. I could learn a lot of things about Montreal and its culture. Furthermore, I could practice English every day with them, especially at dinner time. I felt like I was at home because we could discuss a lot of topics that were interesting for me, for example they explained me the variety of cultures that Montreal has and the different cultures that are around the world. Also, their food was delicious and we often had a variety of food.  I really recommend my homestay because my family was very respectful and polite with me. I couldn’t have had a better family than them. I have no words to say thanks to them for all the help that they gave me."

    Omar López
    Omar LópezStudent

What our Host Families think

  • " I would just like to say that I am very impressed and amazed at the function of your business operations, the timely fashion of payments, pick-ups and drop offs. After working with many Agencies and Schools for 20 years, your Homestay programs have impressed me the most.  The students were and are very happy and content. I am pleased to be working with you. The care and attention you give to the students and to the Homestay Families is, in my opinion, the best. Very efficient and organized operation. No need for reminders for payments, waiting for late  drivers or promises not kept."

    Lalita Host Family for 20 years
  • "I just wanted to tell you how professional and fantastic you are. You make everything so easy and respectful of everyone on your program.
    Just wanted you to know how appreciated you are."
    NanciHost Family for 8 years
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