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MS Homestays

MS Homestays is an agency located in Montreal that helps you find host family to stay in Montreal!

Visiting a new city or country always causes as lot of uncertainty and many different emotions because there are many details that need to be taken care of to ensure that your stay abroad will be pleasant and rewarding. One of the most challenging and important tasks is to find the place that will become your second home. MS Homestays understands this and for this reason our staff focuses on finding the best accommodation that suits our customers’ requirements.

MS Homestays will:

  • Find you a comfortable place that meets all your needs
  • Help you to pay the right price for what you get
  • Give you a personalized service
  • Make sure you have a pleasant stay

Interested in a Homestay Family?

Have a real immersion in the Canadian Culture, practice, and improve your language skills! Come and live in a Homestay in Montreal!

Looking for a more private place?

Rent one of our furnished shared apartments!

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