MS Homestays

Our History.

We are an agency located in Montreal and our commitment is to find the right home away from your home for your stay in Canada. Our mission is to help international students have a memorable and enriching experience by offering personalized accommodation options according to their preferences.

MS Homestays was born from us, 2 foreigner girls who lived in Montreal and fell in love with the city. We came to Montreal in 2008 to study English and French and lived with a local Homestay Family for 6 months. We can say that we lived the most incredible experience an international student could live! Our Homestay Family in Montreal became our second family and thanks to them we were able to learn a lot about the culture, practice all what we learned in our language school and learn even more, and what is the most important to us; develop a relationship that has lasted ever since. Our experience inspired us to create MS Homestays and in 2012 we decided to create this company with the desire to help each person coming to study in Montreal to live the same incredible experience we lived.

Having lived the experience of moving from our home country to study abroad helped us to understand the complexity of leaving home to live in an unknown country. We know that it can cause as lot of stress as there are many details that need to be taken care of and one of the most challenging tasks is to find the place that will become your new home. That is why we are here, to use our first hand experience to help you find the best place for you to live according to your preferences and requirements.

We offer accommodation in Canada for individual students or groups of students coming to study at language schools, universities, High Schools, coming to do internships, Summer Camps or and any other Educational Program.

We have been offering our services to local universities such as McGill University and UQAM University; accommodating their groups of students with our large network of local Homestay Families. We have also served foreign Universities such as Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey ITESM from Mexico, several study abroad agencies throughout the world as well as many individual students who have trusted us to find the best place for them to live.

We will be glad to help you find the perfect place to call home while your stay in this lovely city, whatever your taste, lifestyle or budget are we will guide you through your journey abroad!