Tips to use your social media during the quarantine and don’t suffer from anxiety

By MSHomestay In Blog Posted May 18, 2020

During this quarantine, social media has a significant impact, either positive or negative, in your lifestyle. For this reason, it is important to follow some tips to manage the impact and not let them overtake you.

First, control your time. During this quarantine you may spend a lot of time scrolling in social media. You should consider this and don’t let this time spent in scrolling affect your other activities such as home office, online classes, or your family time.

It is recommended to turn off your phone when you are working and don’t need to be in touch with someone.

Second, check who your contacts are and what pages you are following. It is common to follow pages you don’t like or that you don’t even know what they are about. You should consider reviewing them and find out what content is not healthy for you.

Third, it is necessary to select your sources. During the hard times we are going through, the flow of information is excessive and we might receive daily information that is not reliable. It is important to select trustworthy sources so you have up to date and reliable information, which will also be helpful to find out if the information your family and friends are sending you is true.

Fourth, establish information priorities. Don’t let all the flow of information worry you as this can cause instability in your emotional state of mind. Don’t let fake news or excess of information overwhelm you.

Last but not least, consider taking a time out. Due to the overload of information and the increase in the amount of time spent on social media, you might start feeling suffocated. Just remember that it is okay to take a break whenever you feel you need it.