We are here to help you !

Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off

We can pick you up at the airport at your arrival and we can also drive you back when you are ready to leave.

We also offer transportation to large groups of students.

Custodianship Letter

Immigration Canada requires minor students from certain countries travelling alone to Canada to have a legal guardian in the country. The legal guardian must sign the Custodianship Declaration before the notary. The official responsibilities of a custodian involve making the necessary arrangements for the care and support of the student in times of emergency, such as when medical attention or intervention is required, and for proper care and supervision of the student as appropriate.

Our Homestay Families can become the legal guardian of a minor student living with them and we can make all the necessary arrangements to obtain the custodianship declaration signed in front of a notary.

Helping you to live as a local

Arriving to a new country entails a lot of work to find out about the basics to live and move around in the city. We know that it can take a lot of your time to figure out where to get things such as the bus pass, open a bank account, get a cellphone plan, etc. We can help you with all these things so you are sure to get the best deals and to spend your first days just exploring the city instead of doing research about basic things as these. Just ask us about this service and we will be glad to give you further information.