How is life as an international student in Canada?

By MSHomestay In Blog Posted February 21, 2020

Canada is known worldwide as a nation of cultural diversity, friendly people, and tolerant attitudes towards foreigners. However, it’s not the same reading about a country you’re going to study and being there. For this reason, we share with you some basics every international student in Canada need to know about life there.

We believe the first question that comes to your mind is; what to expect from college and student life? You must know that anywhere you go, you need to be hardworking, set goals for the short and long-term run, and keep focus.

On the other hand, student life is a huge part of your experience because university enables you to connect with friends and colleagues for life. As we can say from our experience, when you’re studying abroad you are likely enjoying a fun and active social life.

You must know that the Canadian culture is influenced by British and French traditions; however, its historical openness towards immigration means that the country is full of diversity and tolerance. Most of the time, Canadians encourage foreigners to retain and share their own cultural practices. This is one of the main reasons why people love Canada and choose to live there.

Also, Canadians love professional sports, and one of the most popular is the National Hockey League, and entertainment events such as, Cirque Du Soleil and big festival and music performances.

Being or becoming an international student in Canada comes with a number of benefits, not only for the immigration programs but also for Canada’s reputation for its educational excellence.

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