MS Homestays believes in creating lifelong stories

By MSHomestay In Blog Posted October 27, 2019

MS Homestays exists thanks to the first-hand experience we had quite a few years ago living with a Homestay Family in Montreal. Our experience inspired us to create MS Homestays and we decided to start this company with the desire to help each person coming to study in Montreal to live the same incredible experience we lived.

Recently, our host family Nathalie and Eric sent us a message right after the student they hosted for 3 months left their home, and we would like to share their testimony with you as it reflects perfectly that our desire is becoming true.

“Talking about Mayu, it was our first experience hosting a foreign student, for a long period of time and even if we are good-willing people, we were wondering and hoping, how would it go with a total welcomed stranger, from a different culture. 

And it went beyond our expectations.

By the pictures Nathalie may have sent you, during these last 3 months, you may have noticed that we decided to involve Mayu systematically in any activities we did (each time she was available and she was very eager and willing), above and beyond what we are paid for, like if she was a member of the family. 

This experience was very enriching, for every single member of the family and Mayu called Nathalie, her Canadian mother and she considers us, like her other family. It was so delightful to have her with us and everybody woke up (without exception), early at 5 AM, last Sunday, with big hugs and tears to bid Mayu farewell, on her return to Japan. 

She was so kind, respectful, family-oriented and playful. She spoiled us with so special ”Made in Japan” gifts. She left us a 3-page letter to thank us as a family and also expressed her gratitude and very individually, to each and every member of the family.

We had a videophone call, this week upon her return in Japan and she definitely wants to come back to Canada.

You do more than accommodating students, coming to a visit and experiment a new country, you are an active facilitator in creating life stories and possibly, lifelong friendships beyond borders.

We look forward to a new, different and also enriching experience with other students and we thank you for trusting us, with these young lives coming to an unknown territory, whether it is geographic or/and life-related.

Be blessed abundantly!