5 Reasons why MS Homestays is the best option for international students that are coming to McGill, UQAM, HEC, and Concordia University.

By MSHomestay In Blog Posted August 18, 2019

Are you planning to study at McGill, UQAM, HEC or Concordia University in Montreal? Great!! You will be needing an accommodation during your stay and we can help you.

We know that looking for accommodation in another country can be a hard task not only for all the documents you have to prepare but also because you need to be 100% sure about where what, and how you’re booking the place. Don’t you worry about all this! In this article, we share with you five reasons why you should stay with us either in a Shared Apartment or with a Host Family.

  1. Comfortable and Fully Furnished Places.

As we said before, it doesn’t matter if you decide to stay with a Host Family or in a Shared Apartment. We can help you with either option. Your choice will depend in what kind of experience you want to live during your exchange program. If you decide to live with a Homestay Family, you’ll never feel like you left your home, you will have family dinners, activities with your host family, cooperate in the home chores, and ultimately feel like you have become another member of the family. On the other hand, if you decide to live in a Shared Apartment with other international students, you will be able to have a more independent type of stay, share the common chores of the apartment with your roommates, buy and cook your own food, and the most interesting part, share with your roommates your culture and lifestyle and also learn from them.

Both, shared Apartments and host families offer wifi, heating, hot water, home appliances, and kitchenware!! The kitchware may be the last thing you think when you’re renting a place but it is in fact very important. Otherwise, how are you planning to cook if you don’t have it?

  1. Location, Great Location!

I can bet this is the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re looking for accommodation. Where is it located?

All of our apartments and Host Families are near McGill, UQAM, HEC, and Concordia University. One thing you should know is that in Montreal public transportation system is very efficient and buses are generally on time. You can even check online the stops, schedules, and track the live location of the bus. All bus stops are near our apartments and take you to the main subway stations to commute to school.

  1. Simple Booking.

Looking for accommodation in another country is not always as easy as one could imagine. You might need to gather a lot of documents such as references, guarantees or bank transfers that cost a lot of money and are time-consuming. Let’s be honest; these type of things can be very annoying, especially if you are a student. For this reason, with MS Homestays you only have to fill out a short questionnaire to receive your invoice, make your first payment and you are all set. Then, you will receive your booking confirmation and your roommates’ profiles.

  1. We are Real.

Booking a place from distance can be somewhat scary because you can’t always be sure if the place is really like the photos show or if it even actually exists.  We completely understand this and we want to gain your trust. For this reason, we share as much information as possible since the first time you inquire about our apartments. We share the addresses of the places with you so you can check them online. We also send you a video tour of the apartments and we have also implemented video calls to show you our apartments; just as if you were visiting them in person. Only because we understand that sometimes photos can’t show enough.

  1. Discover new cultures.

Studying abroad is one of the most enriching experiences in life because you have the opportunity to live very important things simultaneously: you are traveling while meeting people from all over the world, living in a foreign country, and at the same time you are taking your education further. MS Homestays offers you two different options to discover new cultures: Living with a local Host Family or getting to know the Canadian and other cultures from all over the world by living with other International Students.

What do you prefer?

Whatever your choice is, we can help you! Contact us for more information.  Look for us on Facebook and Instagram as: @mshomestays.