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Please write 10-15 lines about yourself. What special things would you say about yourself that you think a homestay family or Canadian student would be interested in learning about you? List facts and information about yourself that would help distinguish you from other people. Here are some of the things that you can describe about yourself. - Are you a more outgoing or shy person? - Who is in your family? - Do your parents work? - What kind activities do you do with your family? - Why did you decide to study in Montreal? - What do you like to do in your free time? - etc.

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Personal preferences

Please explain with great detail if you have any special preferences. This information helps the Homestay agent to place you in a place that suits your profile. In Canada the definition of “family” is flexible. Your homestay may consist of a young family; a family whose children have grown; a single working woman or man; or a retired couple. The host families are a mirror of the multicultural Canadian society.


Please rank the following options from highest priority (1) to lowest priority (4). Do not repeat the numbers: We cannot guarantee that you will get your first choice.

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This information is VERY IMPORTANT, please make sure it is correct. There is an additional charge if we have to return to pick you up. To diminish the wait time, text or call when you have cleared customs. (514-638-8509)

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