What is a meaningful gift?: 5 gift ideas for your host family

If you’re about to go to study abroad and you are planning to live with a host family, we recommend you to bring a gift. Not only for politeness but also because this is a way your family can know you better.

We know that shopping a gift is difficult, especially for someone you don’t know. Luckily for you, we share with you 10 inexpensive and meaningful gift ideas for your host family.

1. Food. Everyone loves food. However, remember to go regional! Is there a local jam maker in your área? or anything non-perishable typical from your country or city of origin that can be easily transported?

2. Recipe cards. Do you like cooking? or do you know some famous recipes from your country of origin? Great!! Write them down on cute recipe cards, you can use these easy and cool templates from canvas. There’s no doubt this gift would be especially meaningful as the family can appreciate the time taken to translate everything into your host family’s native language.

3. Art. Are you artsy? So be creative! You could paint or draw something special for your Host Family, like their city, their portrait or even their pet.

4. Winter accessories. If you’re going to a cold place, a winter accessory is always necessary. Nevertheless we recommend you to personalize it, maybe you can buy a scarf or a pair of gloves of your favorite sports team.

5. Candies. Buy some of your favorite candies at home, put them in a cute basket and personalize it for your host family. Check some ideas on Pinterest.

When you’re looking for your gifts remember to keep portability in mind, go regional, and share something with a story!