What does it mean to become a Homestay family?

By Yesica In Blog Posted January 20, 2019

Traveling helps you not only to discover the world but you can also make the world your home. How is this possible? Become a homestay family! By living with  international students, you and your family will be exposed to their traditions, culture, lifestyle and language. However, what does it really mean to become a Homestay family?

Becoming a Homestay family can bring you new perspectives on your everyday life. By hosting an international student you will be aware of many different cultures and approaches to life in the world. At the same time, this will allow you and your family to build a better understanding toward different cultures.

Furthermore, hosting  students will allow you to learn a foreign language at home, especially at the beginning when the student is still having troubles practicing the language they come to learn. Also, you can get to know your own language very well while your students learn it.

This experience is about sharing cultures and getting to know each other. The Homestay Families are committed to sharing their own culture, customs, and traditions with their exchange students. It can be something as simple as cooking your family’s favorite meal together.

Remember that hosting international students means you are going to receive a new family member with whom you can stay in touch for many years, you will get a new friendship, which will last forever.

We share to you why Josy and her husband became a Homestay family in Montreal in 2017.

“When I came to Canada many years ago, I decided to live with homestay family. It turned out to be a very good experience. 

My homestay family helped me a lot to adapt to the life in Canada and get to know the local culture.

Most importantly, it is that we have developed great long lasting relationship. 

We still visit each other for holidays and help each other whenever one needs help.

Thereafter I got married in Canada and bought my own new house in 2017.

Now I would like to do the same kindness as my homestay family did, by helping other international students to know better the life in Canada. 

We provide our students a clean, cozy and friendly environment. Also, we try to help our student as much as possible.

It is always fun for us to know students from different background and we enjoy a lot learning different cultures from our students as well.

With mutual respect, I am pretty confident that we will have a great experience while you’re staying in Montreal.

Best Regards,